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Shailesh Bhagawat

A widely travelled man of simple habits, and a well-experienced artiste with polite and firm concepts. The unassuming artiste of the younger generation Pandit SHAILESH BHAGWAT maintains the status of SHEHNAI The Divine Musical Instrument he loves. Pandit SHAILESH BHAGWAT has rendered his Shehnai - Recitals at innumerable place in India on account of various types of Occasions. Pandit SHAILESH BHAGWAT rendering of Shehnai is marked with an emotional presentation - which has a systematic blending and an improvisation of Raga in the "Gayaki-Ang" his phenomenal breath-control is superb and notable. No less noteworthy is his inclination in presenting the most intricate Ragas of his Shehnai which are less heard theses days, like Raga Shivamat-Bhairav, Shahana-Bahar, Hans-Narayan, Hanskinkini, Meghranjani & many others. The depth and range of Pandit SHAILESH BHAGWAT Shehnai has a thorough spiritual, scientific, logical and professional approach towards his Music.. Equally eager to perform a Lecture-cum-Demonstration like his concerts, Pandit SHAILESH BHAGWAT feels the intense necessity of propagating Music and every intricacy of Shehnai to each and every person who would love to understand the Music and the Instrument - Shehnai. Pandit SHAILESH BHAGWAT has given Concerts of SHEHNAI for more than Two Decades to date.

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