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Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops

We offer classes in all sorts of music with a traditional South Asian touch. We do individual classes and group classes as well as online lectures. We accommodate all kinds of students of all ages and skill level. We believe that no two students are the same and with that logic we do out best in tailoring ones learning experience with their specific needs.

Instrument Sales

With our expertise and knowledge of Indian instruments and percussion, we can help our students in the purchase of the finest instruments suited for a students budget and interests.


The Teacher Student Tradition of India (Guru Shishya Parampara)

In ancient times, before written history, the sole method used for passing on human customs and knowledge was that of oral transmission. For many centuries and up through the present, Indian musicians have used this method of oral transmission, and it has meant the survival and the success of what has come to be a highly evolved art form.


In India, whether used within spiritual or artistic disciplines, the oral tradition of transmitting knowledge is known as Guru- Shishya Parampara, literally meaning “Teacher-Student Tradition”. What lies at the heart of this tradition is the delicate and highly sophisticated relationship between the teacher and student based on the generosity of a loving teacher, and the complete devotion, trust and surrender necessary of a good student.

For the teacher, the student means the survival of his or her beloved art form into the future. For the student, the teacher is his or her initiator into a world of beauty and inspiration.

It is the Kalavant Center’s mission to preserve Indian classical musical traditions for future generations. One of our main activities is offering the highest standard of musical instruction based on Guru-Shishya Parampara. Our teachers devote themselves to inspiring and nurturing their students, as our students devote themselves to finding beauty and inspiration in music, and to participating in the various activities of the Center. We invite you to the Kalavant Center to enrich yourself by studying this magical art form.

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