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Sabir Khan

Sabir khan was born in Jodhpur Rajasthan. Belongs to a Sikar Gharana of music who have given several stalwarts to Indian classical music. He is the ninth generation to take up Sarangi. His great grand father Ustad Azim Khan shaab was a court musician at Sikar Rajasthan.

Sabir khan was exposed to music when he was six year old through his grand father Ustad Gulab khan shaab who was a great sarangi player and vocalist of his time and after that his taking training from his father world renowned sarangi player and vocalist Ustad Sultan Khan shaab and from his late uncle Ustad Nasir khan shaab .

Sabir khan is well known today for his delicate mastery of sarangi. His technique of playing is rare combination of sur and laya (note and rhythm). Sabir Khan already remarkably imbibed almost all of his great father's repertoire with a similar command
and mastery on the sarangi. Indeed a chip of the old block.

Sabir khan now a days sharing stage with his father in each and every concert and also performing solo. He have honoured to perform with artist like Ustad Zakir Hussain, pt.Kumar Bose,pt. Anindo Chatterjee etc. . Beside an classical music artist his equally into light music played with artist like gazal maestro Ustad Gulam Ali, Talat Aziz, Asha bhosle and recently played in the album of great Lata Mangeshkar. Played in several feature films like Chameli,Rog,Dor,Anwar,Sanwariya,Chodon na yaar,Jodha Akbar are the few.

He has already drawn the attention of many musician and serious listener for his mastery presentations at various important venues in India, U.K. ,U.S.A.,Europe etc. . Performed at various concerts and musical festivals throughout India and abroad. His the beacon of the younger generation a wonderful product of talented nurture. He have the promising future in the field of music.

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