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Rajkumar Rizvi

Rajkumar, the world-renowned ghazal singer/composer from Bombay, India represents one of the most profound vocal talents on the Indian cultural scene today. He has taken the music world by storm, setting new standards for the ghazal, India's most popular musical form.

Rajkumar grew up singing under the tutelage of his father Ustad Noor Mohammed in the desert land of Rajasthan.

It was here that he learnt the niceties of the Kalavant Gharana, which included a family of singers, composers and raga creators who performed for the royal courts. Later, Rajkumar learned to play the sitar form Ustad Jamaluddin Bharatiya, a disciple of Pandit Ravi Shankar. His musical affections, however, lay with the romantic couplets, ghazals.

Rajkumar showed sparks of brilliance in handling this most popular form of vocal music with sensitivity. His style has retained its classical timbre, and over the years his fan following has increased, while his tantalizing romantic ghazals have become more and more popular. He made his first trip abroad as part of the Indian delegation to Hong Kong in 1969. Since then he has travelled extensively in the U.S.A., Canada, all over Europe and the far east and has performed on many stages and television programs. He has also been the recipient of many prestigious awards.

His latest CD Aaina-E-Zindagi bears testimony to the depths of Rajkumar's virtuosity. He spends major portion of his time giving perofromance all over the world and conductiong workshops for aspiring artists at Disha Arts Academy in Toronto, Canada.

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