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Anup Jalota
Anup Jalota

Anup Jalota, the household name for bhajans, has thought of nothing but music all his life. His father, Bhajan exponent Purshottam Das Jalota, is also his guru. Born in Nainital and educated in Lucknow, Jalota started his musical career as a chorus singer in All India Radio. Anup Jalota hails from the Shamiana Gharana of Phagwara, Punjab. Although a Punjabi, Anup Jalota sings and speaks in 6 different languages.

Known for his versatility, the smiling and ever-obliging Anup Jalota renders Bhajans and Ghazals with equal grace and finesse. No wonder, wherever Anup goes - East, West, North or South, his easy charm and mellifluous voice holds his audience spellbound in admiration.

Having toured extensively, covering USA, Canada, Europe, West Indies, African, Mauritius and many far east countries, there is little of the world that has yet to see Anup Jalota in person. Of course, heard him, they all have, through his many records and music cassettes.

Anup Jalota is married to Medha, niece of former Indian Prime Minister, Inder Kumar Gujral. They have a 3 year old son, Aryaman (means noble mind).

Anup Jalota is presently working on a project for reciting and recording the Ramayana, Gita and the Vedas. Of these, the first, a recitation and commentary of Ramayana is already in the market. the second, a recitation with commentary, in 7 languages, of the Gita is a work in progress, andonce thats complete, he plans to tackle the Vedas.


Shamakhana Vol.1, In Concert - Anup Jalota, Moods of Anup Jalota, An Evening with Anup Jalota, Farmaish-A Live Concert, Saugaat-A Gift of Ghazals, Kahkashan-2, The Khazana Series, Live in Fiji and Takhaiyul.


Sai Vandan, Sai Sumiran, Rang De Chunaria, Bhajan Aarti, Sur Ramayan, Shri Ram Bhajans, Hari Naam Ki Mala, Bhajan Ganga and Bhajan Yatra.

- sings in 6 languages,
- has recorded over 1200 songs, ghazals & songs,
- has performed over 4000 live concerts spread over 100
cities on all five continents,
- has his name in The Guiness Book of World Records
for the highest number of platinum discs in history.

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